The Schryver Page

   Welcome to The Schryver Page. Here you will find, among other things, lists of Schryvers, Schryvers', Schribers, Schrivers, Scrivers, de Schryvers, De Schryvers, Schrijvers, Shrivers and any other modified spelling that I can find. Please help me build this page by forwarding any and all information here.

   The Schryver Page is being entirely generated by a database of my own creation. This eliminates the many hours it was taking to implement even the smallest changes. Now, I can make modifications in one place and the database takes care of the rest. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged.

   Use the links at the footer of this page to start or begin with Albartus Schryver, the oldest Schryver in the database and the first one we know of in the United States.

   I originally started out with just "Schryver" as the spelling, but found rather quickly that there were many variations. Even if you don't think that we are directly related, I'd like to add you to this page. You can send updates here.

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